Equipping women leaders in ministry to be refueled, revived, and refocused.

Lead Bold Conference

Sept 12


9AM - 3:30PM

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Lead Bold Virtual Conference 2020

Lead Bold Conference is for women leaders in ministry. This unique conference is designed by women in ministry for women in ministry. It is a gathering place for mutual learning and encouragement.

For those ministering to others, Lead Bold Conference equips leaders to be refueled, revived, and refocused.

Our priority is to create a safe environment, while still fostering the rich leadership interaction that Lead Bold is committed to offering. For the 2020 conference, in light of Covid-19, our leadership team has prayerfully decided to create a one-day leadership conference that will take place online where you can engage with…


relevant messages that encourage and challenge you

small group discussion with your peers

panel of experts sharing real-life experience

personal “soul care” reflection time


2020 Speakers

Photo by Laura Zherebnenkov


Conference Schedule


Session 1 - Carolyn Custis James & Discussion


Session 2 - Ministry Panel




Session 3 - Soul Care Guided Reflection


Session 4 - Carolyn Custis James & Closing


Conference Ends


Frequently asked questions

Who is this conference for? How do I know if it’s for me?

The Lead Bold Conference is simply a leadership conference for women in ministry. If you see what you do as ministry (paid, volunteer, experienced, brand new, church-centric or not), then you will fit right in at this conference. At the conference, you will get to enjoy challenging teaching, invigorating discussion and relevant ministry insights from our ministry panel. You’ll get to connect with other women in ministry who can encourage you regardless of your ministry season. If you’re looking to learn from other women leaders and get to share what you’ve learned along the way, too, then it’s for you. This conference is a gathering of ministry leaders, so if that’s you, then we hope to see you there!

How is this conference going to refresh me?

We know ministry leadership can take its toll emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically. So when we created Lead Bold, we did so with the intention of breathing new life into your weary soul. At the conference, you will get to enjoy challenging teaching and invigorating discussion in a home that has been designed to welcome you. On top of that, we’ve carved out time in the conference schedule for personal reflection space where you can be still and let God refresh you as only He can. Lead Bold is a place where bold leaders come together but don’t have to lead...they just get to receive!

Will the conference address doctrinal or theological issues surrounding gender and/or women’s roles?

The short answer is “yes”...but we don’t all have to agree. The Lead Bold Conference is not about gender roles, but discussion around this topic is inevitable. The conference is designed to be a place of mutual encouragement and support regardless of differing interpretations around the topic of women’s roles. We welcome all ministry leaders to attend, no matter their tradition, denomination or perspective. We do ask that any discussion on this topic that occurs at any Lead Bold event, be engaged in with respect and toward the goal of understanding one another.

I’m tired of being on a screen! Why is this online conference worth my time and energy?

We get it...our lives, jobs, schools and even social interaction require us to be on a screen and it can be draining. Our planning team has thoughtfully designed a flow for the day that allows for our time together - while virtual - to be interactive and energy-producing. Yes, you will receive meaningful content, but the conference is also a place to build new ministry connections and create space to hear God’s good word to you individually. What you receive during our time together will not only sustain you for this season, but will enliven you to the work God has for you when we get to the other side of this pandemic.

Are scholarships available for the conference?

We never want finances to hinder a woman from attending the Lead Bold Conference. With that in mind we are able to offer scholarships on a case by case basis. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please email us with your inquiry and someone from our scholarship team will be in touch with next steps.

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